Youth Yoga Workshops


Yoga is strongly based on the physical practice, but it is so much more than that. Yoga teaches us the benefits of practicing mindfulness, kindness and self awareness; concepts that are beneficial to all age groups. Instilling these practices at a young age can strongly benefit our younger populations. Youth yoga can help develop both mental and physical awareness, help to gain a positive self image in a non-competitive environment and manage the ever growing stress levels through breathing, meditation and a gentle practice.  This workshop will encourage youth to be positive, kind and non-harming throughout their daily lives, whether it be in the classroom, at the rink, on the field, with friends or at home.

The workshop has a run-time of 90 minutes and will include:

  • Age appropriate yoga class; with a focus on a fun flow of poses that can also be done at home
  • Group activity: Participants will divide into groups, here they will learn a yoga pose and then teach that pose to a partner
  • Meditation/stillness exercise: Daily life, whether it be in school, or at home can quickly alter feelings, mood and stress levels, even at a young age. This exercise will focus on a simple breathing technique that can be used daily in any situation to help calm the mind and nervous system. We will also discuss the importance of meditation and stillness, and practice a short group meditation.
  • Group Discussion: Yoga is strongly based on the principles of kindness, mindfulness, non-harming practices and truthfulness. These processes should be practiced within oneself and outwardly towards family, friends and within the community. As a group we will discuss how these practices can be incorporated into daily life through caring for yourself, doing a good deed, practicing honesty and being non-harming through actions both physically and verbally.


The in-state, Maine workshop rate is $125 per team, troop, class or group within 25 miles of Augusta. An additional $25 travel fee is required for locations outside of the local radius. Out-of-state rates for the New England area vary by location, please fill in your details below for further pricing information. If you’d like to make it a multi-group event, please email for pricing variations.

All bookings require a $50 deposit, remaining amount due on the event date. There is a 48 hour cancellation policy for a full deposit refund, with the deposit becoming non-refundable if the event is cancelled after the 48 hour time-frame. 

Payments can be made via cash, check, PayPal and credit card*

*Credit card payments are accepted through Square and must be made in person.

The workshop can be held at a location of your choosing, either indoor or outdoor. Studio space is available for rent at an additional rate.

*This workshop will meet the guidelines required for the Girl Scout Yoga Badge.